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James Project

James Project of Latin America provides spiritual, physical, emotional and educational support to women and children through their women’s shelter, school, and children’s home.


Location: Guatemala
Project start: Jan. 2018


Brand identity
Web Development
Print Design
Social Media Strategies

Brand identity

For this project, the client wanted a logo that had a personal connection to the property where their facilities are located. On the property is a massive Ceiba Tree that is a popular landmark in the area. We decided to run with this idea while incorporating the roots to symbolize the women and children that come through this program as being rooted in their relationship with Christ.

Web development

The primary uses for the new website for James Project were:

For current donors and sponsors to have an easy and clean platform to navigate and make donations.

For future donors, sponsors, and those curious about James Project to have an appealing and user-friendly experience being educated about James Project, what they do, and how to get involved.

Print design

For this project, most of the print materials were promotional pieces. They were used to advertise and educate about James Project. We wanted to give the print materials a very modern and clean look that used lots of pictures of faces so that future donors and sponsors could really connect with what James Project does. Everything that we did had to be translated into spanish as well, including all 8 versions of the logo which had each internal ministry’s name attached to it.

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