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Backyard Orphans

Backyard Orphans trains Churches and Church leaders to develop a foster care, adoption, and support ministry within their own church or community.


Location: Dallas, Texas
Project start: Oct. 2017


Brand identity
Web Development
Print Design
Social Media Strategies

Brand identity

For this project, our client wanted a brand that stood out from other foster care/adoption agencies and partners. They also wanted something that felt small town/local and familiar. We wanted to play off of the idea of a backyard fence to represent the idea of; there are orphans right in your backyard of your community.

Web development

The primary uses of the new website for Backyard Orphans are:

For partners to have a place to view and use resources provided by Backyard Orphans. 

For future partners to become educated on what Backyard Orphans does.

For churches to schedule Backyard Orphans to come and train their leaders to develop a foster care, adoption, and support ministry.

Print design

For this project, we wanted people to be attracted to the simplicity and feel of “local/small town” but also make sure that everything was clean and cohesive throughout all of the materials and content created for Backyard Orphans. The print material created was used for promotional pieces as well as internal training material for partnering churches.

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